Avail Housing

2017 - 2018

Website Redesign, iOS/Android Development

Project Summary


Avail Housing offers students an easy and convenient way to find a place to stay over the summer or find a tenant to rent their place over the summer. Geared more towards being the Airbnb of graduate students who have long-term leases, but won’t be home for the summer, the founder and CEO, Cameron Huddleston, came to us with the idea to develop the platform in late 2017.



After hashing the idea out and discussing Cameron’s thoughts for a week, we drew up a very detailed spec sheet for the platform. Development started at the beginning of 2018 with the goal of finishing in March, as requested by Cameron. He wanted to launch the minimum viable product (MVP) in time for the students to secure housing for the summer.



Given we began in early 2018, Cameron wanted the MVP to be complete around the time people received offers and knew they were leaving for the summer, so we had a short deadline of 6-8 weeks. With the time crunch becoming clear, we did our best to do our best and deliver on time to generate revenue. During the development of the product, however, there was a bit of an information gap between us, Cameron, and the development team that caused us to have to delay delivery by less than a week.



The complete and polished MVP was delivered to Cameron in 7 weeks. The project was delivered on time, under budget, and fully market-ready. Cameron was successfully able to see his idea take shape in the way he wanted and launch for this summer. We’re in the business of helping people achieve their goals in the same way.

Work with us and see for yourself.