HereThere - Solving Summer's Puzzle


Design & Wireframe
Designer Recommendation, Project Management, Escrow


HereThere was founded by Jessica, a veteran consultant and mother of three. She believes that there is a better way to find summer camps and manage schedules beyond dozens of open tabs and complex excel sheets.

Her product addresses these issues by aggregating summer camp information from around the web onto a single platform and displaying it in an easy-to-digest format for parents. It also helps them keep track of important dates and deadlines through a built-in calendar. HereThere removes the stress from summer camp planning.

The Project

HereThere had the idea and the vision, but needed someone to bring it to life. They partnered with Aloa to find the right designer to design their platform’s web and mobile screens.

Aloa's Role

We started with a brainstorming session to map out which features would be the most useful to convey to potential users and came up with a spec sheet.

Aloa came up with a list of recommended designers (using our DevIndex platform) with HereThere ultimately choosing a designer in Mexico. Aloa managed the project and acted as an escrow service until project completion.

Web Screens

Mobile Screens

Present Day

We are currently in the process of finding the right outsourcing partner for HereThere’s MVP development, using our DevIndex platform to pair Jessica with a software company. After the MVP is finished, we are looking to make the final product, to be launched in Summer 2019.