VideoBomb - #Boom

2017 -

Our Role
iOS Development

Project Summary


VideoBomb, which is the brainchild of entrepreneur Chad Marcum and music video directors John and Matt Edde, empowers fans by allowing them to add their own content into their favorite music videos and share their creations with others.

VideoBomb needed more development resources to maintain and build out new features in their iOS app. They partnered with Aloa to find and manage development resources.



We collaborated with VideoBomb’s CEO, Chad Marcum, to listen to the vision of the company they wanted to bring to life by Summer 2018. Based on that vision, Aloalabs constructed a development “sprint” with 4 different phases with the goal of successful¬†execution in the timeframe they hoped for.


Phase 1

Initially, we were starting with adding social media sharing integration into the app. While it doesn’t seem like a daunting task, Aloalabs assigned it to its own phase since we were unfamiliar with the pre-existing code and how it was organized. Picking up where someone left off code-wise is similar to picking up a handwritten essay midway. The handwriting, voice, and even pen are all different. In this case, the style of the pre-existing code wasn’t up to Aloalabs’ standards nor did it comply with iOS development guidelines. So, the execution of Phase 1 and, eventually, Phase 2 took longer than expected since our development team had to learn the code and organize it as they went.


Phase 2

This next phase consisted of reducing lag and bettering the user experience. When a user would click the share button in the app, it would take sometimes several minutes for the video to be made and uploaded. So, while maneuvering and improving the existing code, we implemented certain workarounds to make sharing the video instant, even while previewing it. Not only that, but we also compressed and restructured the video file to decrease load time on mobile devices.


Present Day

Currently, we are working on the third phase of the development “sprint.” This phase is primarily dedicated to optimizing the app for iPhone 7’s and above while also building capabilities to create data reporting mechanisms to help VideoBomb with their music licensing efforts.

While the first two phases took longer than expected, our sharing integration has successfully increased the user retention rate of the app and the second phase speed efforts reduced the wait time while using the app significantly so. We hope to continue adding value and making sure VideoBomb is always the best it can be.